Sunday, December 27, 2009

Arriving Shah Alam

Just came back from a tiring yet enjoyable trip from Alor Star....Had the chance to meet friends and had walked around Alor Star for "Jalan-jalan Cari Makan" our way!!!.we arrived here late...coz of the traffic jams and raining and accidents....The VERDICT....we had an enjoyable weekened and would love to go for another vacation....Thanks to my dear hubby for the great experience and holiday...

Holiday in Alor Star

25th December 2009:

Depart from Gombak,Kuala Lumpur at around 8.30am.....the traffic was okay for a few hours, then, it started to heavy near the Tapah R&R.....arrived at Taiping, find the famous Doli Char Kueh Teow....after 1 hour lost in Taiping, we found the place...unfortunately, it's closed on Fridays but, opens everyday, EXCEPT, Friday...and guess what???we turned up at the place on Friday....

so, we went on and continue our journey to Alor Star....arrived at Alor Star around 5pm...and checked in at Hotel Grand Crsytal...the place is okay...a 3 Star hotel....

26th December 2009:

Had breakfast at the hotel...the food sucks....went out around 10.30am to have breakfast and also to find our friend's house....for the wedding reception in the afternoon....went to his place at around 1.30pm....stayed until 3pm and went back to the hotel.....went out again at around 4.00pm and went to the Star Parade Shopping Complex.... went to see our friends...chit chat and ate at McDonald's...went for window shopping.......The Year End Sale and for school season sale....went back to hotel at around 7.30pm...and went out again around 8.00pm, for dinner wuth friends.....

What a packed day it is today.....already packed and will check out from hotel at morning tommorrow.....
See ya....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday to Alor Star

Will be going to Alor Star tommorow to attend a friend's wedding the same time will go for a, will update again in this blog for the pictures...see ya'll..

Monday, December 14, 2009

4 days without hubby hubby went outstation for 4 days.starting from today....
i'm left here at shah alam, with kamila and family....just a few hours apart.....felt like a few years...
missed him already....

he has to do it in order for us to live better and more comfortably....
how i wish that i can follow him...but, i know that we would be a nuisance to him while doing his work...

miss you yang...well, at least i got kamila here with me.....

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kamila at 1 year 3 months old

Kamila is now nearing to 1 year and 3 months old.

Right now, she knows most of what we say to her, and now she have a new move.
she now, can move to the beat of a song...especially "aku bukan superman". i don't really know this songs title, but, what i know is that she really loves this song.

so cute with her following the beat. would love to record her and show it to you guys...but, my phone is not working that well... really need to change to a better phone....

hmmmm...would ask from hubby for a new phone after this.....

sayang....if you're reading got the hint ok.... :P

Monday, November 16, 2009

Kamila 1 year and 2 months old

kamila is already 1 year and 2 months old.
she now knows how to say mama and will tell anybody if she wants to eat,mamam....
and...if she gets her food late, she will inform us by saying mamam,mamam...for a long time.
and if we still do not give her food, she will slightly slap us or will cry....

and she does have a habit, that just loves to disturb us when we're just in front of the computer, or just using the remote control.

now, she loves to walk, and would just walk from A to B, all the time. without feeling tired. she'll only be tired, when she wants to sleep or wants milk.

she also shows signs that she wants to talk with us. although she does not really saying much(her vocab is still not much), but, she's starting to show signs that she knows what we're talking about.

how fast she's growing up.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kamila with high fever

dear all,

right now, i have already taken 2 days emergency leave coz of kamila having a high fever. but, we have consulted 2 doctors, and they said that it is a viral fever. which means that the fever can be on and off.but, still i am still terrified of the word 'fever' that comes through my mind especially if its involving my dear baby.

of course anything can happen right now. well, kamila had already taken a blood test last sunday, and the result is negative from any virus or infections. so, i am quite okay with it.

so,right now, kamila is okay.but,usually she will get her fever at night.i haven't gotten enough sleep for this past few days, as i am quite worried with her fever. i would put on her forehead the koolfever patch, but she will make a fuss at night.

but, i will try to comfort her, and she will get back to sleep.i hope that she will be okay today.

love u baby!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

entri luahan perasaan

salam and good day,

hmmmm...sesatunye entry yang di buat dalam bahasa melayu. sebabnye rasanye dalam bahasa melayula boleh nak meluahkan perasaan ni.

sejak 2 bulan lebih, bekerja di tempat baru ni, macam2 dugaan yang datang. dan macam-macam perangai yang datang. kebanyakan staf pentadbiran yang ada di ofis, semuanye ok, kecuali 2 ke 3 org saja. untuk staf makmal pulak, lainla ceritanye, sbbnye x pernah jejak pun kaki kat makmal2 sini.

mesti semua hairan kan, dh 2 bulan lebih kat sini, tapi x pernah melawat pun lab kat situ. yela...camnela nak pergi kat lab tu kalau keje kat ofis nih, x pernah habis2. kalau dah habis satu, sepuluh lagi datang.pastu, yang bestnye, tiap kali tgh nk belajar satu benda, mesti nye sekerat-sekerat.sbbnye, mesti ada masalah baru dtg, pastunye time tulah nak kena belajar pulak apa lak masalahnye, camene nak selesaikan lak. mana tak tension orang camni......

sebelum dapat keje ni...tension tu, tension la gak...tapi,x sangka datang sini lagi load datang menimbum-nimbun. masalah staf pun datang macam tu gak. x sampai seminit, ada je, yang gtau benda yang x sedap didengar stafla, pelajarla,pensyarahla......penat la......

so, bilanye masa untuk family memalam tu...memang rasa nye dah penatla badan, kepala...semuanya la...tapi,kesian lak dgn baby...dia lak bila balik je umah...terus nak terkam mama dia....kesian,memang kesian...tapi, bila dh macam ni nk buat camne. kena redha je la...sebabnye sapa suruh cari pasal minta keje kat sini..... :P.

x pela...apa-apa pun, mmg ada hikmahnye...x semua nye staf sini yang buat perangai...memang ada yang baik...nak tolong menolong....ada gak pensyarah yang ok, ada pelajar yang ok....yang x bestnye bos, asyik suruh buat keje.bile explain x suka...nak buat camne prosedur kat tempat baru nih banyak sangat.memangla benda yang kita buat lambat jawapan nye.

kalau nak cepat buat sendiri!!!!........ :) .huh...mampos nak cakap macam ni kat bos...hmmmm....just layannnnnn jela...cube jela buat yang terbaik kat sini. apa-apa minta petunjuk dengan allah, berdoa la banyak2....aikkkk...dh leh nasihat kat diri sendiri lak.....

so,layan je la.....luahan perasaan nih......

p/s: keje melambak pun buat susah nak update blog ni.....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

a new beginning

good day to all,

i have just gotten off from a 2 week intensive course, that teaches me and gave me the details that i needed to know for my daily basis job.

i have decided to to give the input that i have learnt a go. so far, so good. i have started to enjoy the work, rather than would love to stay at my room and try to learn from my own experience kind of thing.

i now know exactly what i needed to do. now, i am in the process of completing my desk file. its kind of a file that describes the exact daily tasks that i needed to do and the details of the place that i work. so far, the progress is looking good.

i just need to get some more datas from my colleague and staff, for the desk file.
so,right now, this giving me quite a headache.

so, i'm going to continue my job, till the next entry..............

Monday, October 5, 2009

am i too emotional or too obsessed

hmmmm...judging from the title what would surely cross into your mind.

actually, i am having quite a bad day, apart from monday blues (you know what i mean....) with the stress from work, and not having a good rest, plus a headache of things to do and not to mention of the breastfeeding kamila spirit, that has nearly gone "poof",off from my list of things to do.

to think of the over emotionally thinking of wanting my baby to taste only my milk, instead of cow milk,etc.... what i can say that i am quite obsessed with it. i still do think that my baby would get the best from my own milk, but, it seems like mommy is just to tired to do all the pumping and couldn't have enough time to do all the pumping according to is just too overloaded.(i managed to write today, as my boss is away...but, tomorrow...................)

i have tried baby, but, it seems like its not working!!! but, i still try to pump when i managed to sneak out off seminars or courses.but, it looks like my milk is getting dried up. i tried to look at others blogs to get the idea of how to increase my breastmilk, but, i do feel embarassed and down at myself,as they could even provide their young ones their own milk without help from other formula until up to 4 years. but me.........................................

kamila, maybe you'll be reading this when you're going to be much older and wiser. i am sorry. for not being able to provide you the best, yet i tried. i really tried. mama, always love you.

i will try to give you the best. mama is still trying to provide you my milk....i will do it until the last drop.

love you baby...

Monday, September 28, 2009

break fast in beranang

hi all,

here are pictures of my family going back to my hubby's hometown breaking fast in Beranang. i know, i know, it's already raya celebration.well, i hadn't had the chance to download all the pictures yet.

we had a great time there eating....there was alot of food.

kamila with nenek,mak lang and cik cik

birthday cake for mak cu

kamila standing

kamila and baba

buka puasa session

kamila and mak long

the food at the table

there are more pictures taken, but, there were too many. so, i just uploaded the ones that i managed to grab. actually am too lazy la.... :P

Thursday, September 24, 2009

kamila's now one year old

kamila is now one year old and 8 days.

sorry all, i haven't had the time to post new updates as the internet connection in office is quite bad and i am quite busy entertaining kamila while at home and this raya celebration we had to go and visit our families for raya.

so, updating her status right now. kamila can walk baby steps on her own without anyone helping her. i am so excited, can't the same time afraid that she might be to explore everywhere she goes.

we did a small celebration for her first birthday. it was not a grand celebration as it was during fasting, and were not well prepared...but, she did tasted some, i am teaching her to eat most of the grown ups food....its such an easy thing to do, as she would mostly gobble up anything that we gave her.but, we do monitor her food intake.

so, now kamila we (mama and baba) hope that you're going to grow up and be a better person and achieve what you you my little princess...

Friday, September 11, 2009

My journey through breastfeeding

this is an emotional entry.

i have tried to breastfeed kamila and give her my breastmilk through bottle nearly one year.only 3 more days till one year. this past few weeks as i've moved to a new working environment and job scope, i have started to not pump accordingly to schedule. just only a few times in the day. and sometimes, i skipped my supposedly pumping schedule as i hev meetings, seminars,courses and ad hocs meetings to attend to.

i have tried to focus on more pumping.but, at home, i cannot manage to pump as i would be tired from work and focusing with kamila and would retire to bed early.(kamila would usually not let me leave her when she's not in a good mood even if her father is beside her). so, that makes me feel so tired and feel not energized. i have tried taking supplements to boost my milk production, but to no avail. it only gave a positive side effect after a while taking it. after not consuming it for so long, my milk production becomes lesser.

so,right now, i feel tired of this breastfeeding thing,and may decide to stop my journey.but, i am feeling that its too soon. i wanted my baby to get the best, and provide her the best in, i have to try and get back on the track, and try not to feel so stressed out.

but, HOW???????? please someone out there that could help me.that could advise me what to do.....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

updating myself

hi all....

i haven't been able to update myself this past few weeks. was quite busy with work plus, with the internet line and computer condition at office that makes me feel iritated....

working at this new place makes me feel more matured, as most of them... are well...older than i am, although i am one of the bosses there. but, i am not sure if i can manage to have all this responsibilty at once.

i need to have a good mentor, to help me manage through my days working here. as most of them are adults and have more experience, some of them are not okay in sense of their own responsibility.

i feel that i am holding a bigger burden here. before this, i never have the chance to allow anyone to go for a vacation or letting them know what to do...but, here, i need to do all i am now having a lot of things to do....

hmmmm...i am not sure whether i am able to handle all the stress....but, what i am sure is that...when its time to go home, i enjoy it....coz, i get to see my lovely princess.

sian dia, mama asyik pegi keje time dia tido. time balik ,malam jela leh jumpa...tapi, hari minggu pun jumpa u baby....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Week 2 in UiTM Puncak Alam

hye all!!!

haven't been updating myself for this week.well, my workload is getting heavier. i have a lot of responsibility here. not like when i was still working in Enfiniti Productions.

so, far, i think that i can manage the workload. but, sometimes it is quite stressful, as my job is different from before, and the working procedure is much more complicated than i have imagined before.

so, all that i need to do right now, is to really understand my responsibilities, and to understand the procedures. after i am able to understand all that i need to know, i think that i would be much better here.

but, for now, i am not trying to give myself high hopes of able to learn most of my tasks here, but, as long as i am able to finish all the duties that have been passed to me by or before the dateline, i would be very much happy.

i hope that i am able to handle all this burden......

Thursday, August 20, 2009

kamila is 11 months

kamila is already 11 months old!!!yeay!!!another 1month or so till her 1st birthday.
updating her skills:

1. she now can stand on her own without any help for a longer period.
2. she understands when we call her name
3. she would show her teeth when we say "mana gigi...."
4. she even knows how to climb the stairs without anyones help (but don't know how to go down..)
5. she is an active baby, that would not just sit down or would not love us to hold her....or she would make a tantrum
6. she now have 5 tooths...and would bite our finger when we try to feel her tooth
7. she know does not really like to she would like to play around
8. she loves to chat with us, no more screaming...she would either more ( i think she's trying to explore her vocal) to stand when we are in the car while driving....loves to look at the lights and also scenery...will make a tantrum when we try to get her to sit....
10.hmmmm...what more...will update more if i can remember any.. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Working in new place

dear all,

yesterday, was officially my first day working at a new place.where am i working now??? well, i'll give you a hint. i am now working in the place that helped me get my diploma and degree.still not quite sure where is it??? if you are my friend or relative, you would surely know where i am working now.

okay,okay.... i am now, working in UiTM (universiti Teknologi MARA), but, in a new area.not in shah alam. i am working in puncak alam. it is quite far from the actual heqdquarter, but, this new place that i am in now, looks like its going to be just like the HQ in shah alam.

well, as i am still new here, what i can say is the staffs here are friendly, and likes to help each other.i could not conclude any thing yet.but, i think that i am going to be okay here.

wish me luck guys (and gals)!!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

family trip to penang

hi all,

this entry is about our family trip to penang on 7th til 9th of August 2009. we slept at my aunts house in Tanjung Tokong at Kompleks Institut Pendidikan. we arrived at Penang by night, around 1am, but, went for supper first, before going to her home. kamila was a bit edgy, and she did not slept well. maybe, its because of the hot weather.we went to penang coz hubby's friend is having a reception on Saturday, so, we went there early after work.

the pictures here are not being in chronological order, as i am not that keen to arrange them all back. so, enjoy the piccas!!!

last day in penang, after having a great lunch meal (nasi kandaq....)

mama, fnishing off her lime juice with assam....very nice....

mama and kamila at Pantai Jerejak, having dinner..

mama and kamila

kamila waving at baba

ummi and kamila

haaaa....our dinner..feast your eyes

this is fish with three taste, in malay its ikan masak tiga rasa.
the taste verdict : so, not have the specialty taste....

this is mussel with sambal.
the taste verdict: hmm...just okay

mama eating battered squid...yummy!!!

mama dipping the squid into the sauce

here's the larger view of the squid.this is one of the most wanted at this place.
the taste verdict: GRRRRREATTTTT!!!, would love to eat it over and over again.....

kamila on the table, while we're waiting for our food to arrive

dear kamila

so, it was a great trip to penang. although its was a short 3 days trip, we find that it is interesting, and the most important is, that the food are GRRRRREAATTT!!!! would love to go there again and enjoy the food there....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The whole family before going to Tony Roma's

this entry is specially dedicated for my beloved hubby. here are some piccas before we made it to Tony Roma's in Pavillion. our tyre were punctured, due to the road not being smooth and a sharp rock that's as big as a my hubby's knuckle. so, here are the pictures of my dear hubby, changing our tyre.

hubby changing the tyre from the car bonet

jacking the car

kamila looking at cars passing by

baba is tightening up the screws

it took only around 20 to 30 minutes of changing the tyres. kamila loves to look at passing by vehicles. thanks to baba, we managed to eat dinner at Tony Roma's that night.....

Kamila at Tony Roma's

here are pictures of us at tony roma's having dinner . kamila was having a fun day.

kamila trying to get hold of baba's camera

cute kamila

me giving kamila a piece of bread

kamila and me

me and kamila

kamila with funny face

this is the condiment for baked potato

here's the entree of my hubby

here's the seafood entree (my entree, looks yummy!!!)

me bonding with kamila

kamila kissing mama

the end of our dinner

kamila waving at baba in front of tony roma's

us together.....

well, it went well that night. we had a great time of having dinner.(hope to go there soon, the food was great as well)...