Monday, September 28, 2009

break fast in beranang

hi all,

here are pictures of my family going back to my hubby's hometown breaking fast in Beranang. i know, i know, it's already raya celebration.well, i hadn't had the chance to download all the pictures yet.

we had a great time there eating....there was alot of food.

kamila with nenek,mak lang and cik cik

birthday cake for mak cu

kamila standing

kamila and baba

buka puasa session

kamila and mak long

the food at the table

there are more pictures taken, but, there were too many. so, i just uploaded the ones that i managed to grab. actually am too lazy la.... :P

Thursday, September 24, 2009

kamila's now one year old

kamila is now one year old and 8 days.

sorry all, i haven't had the time to post new updates as the internet connection in office is quite bad and i am quite busy entertaining kamila while at home and this raya celebration we had to go and visit our families for raya.

so, updating her status right now. kamila can walk baby steps on her own without anyone helping her. i am so excited, can't the same time afraid that she might be to explore everywhere she goes.

we did a small celebration for her first birthday. it was not a grand celebration as it was during fasting, and were not well prepared...but, she did tasted some, i am teaching her to eat most of the grown ups food....its such an easy thing to do, as she would mostly gobble up anything that we gave her.but, we do monitor her food intake.

so, now kamila we (mama and baba) hope that you're going to grow up and be a better person and achieve what you you my little princess...

Friday, September 11, 2009

My journey through breastfeeding

this is an emotional entry.

i have tried to breastfeed kamila and give her my breastmilk through bottle nearly one year.only 3 more days till one year. this past few weeks as i've moved to a new working environment and job scope, i have started to not pump accordingly to schedule. just only a few times in the day. and sometimes, i skipped my supposedly pumping schedule as i hev meetings, seminars,courses and ad hocs meetings to attend to.

i have tried to focus on more pumping.but, at home, i cannot manage to pump as i would be tired from work and focusing with kamila and would retire to bed early.(kamila would usually not let me leave her when she's not in a good mood even if her father is beside her). so, that makes me feel so tired and feel not energized. i have tried taking supplements to boost my milk production, but to no avail. it only gave a positive side effect after a while taking it. after not consuming it for so long, my milk production becomes lesser.

so,right now, i feel tired of this breastfeeding thing,and may decide to stop my journey.but, i am feeling that its too soon. i wanted my baby to get the best, and provide her the best in, i have to try and get back on the track, and try not to feel so stressed out.

but, HOW???????? please someone out there that could help me.that could advise me what to do.....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

updating myself

hi all....

i haven't been able to update myself this past few weeks. was quite busy with work plus, with the internet line and computer condition at office that makes me feel iritated....

working at this new place makes me feel more matured, as most of them... are well...older than i am, although i am one of the bosses there. but, i am not sure if i can manage to have all this responsibilty at once.

i need to have a good mentor, to help me manage through my days working here. as most of them are adults and have more experience, some of them are not okay in sense of their own responsibility.

i feel that i am holding a bigger burden here. before this, i never have the chance to allow anyone to go for a vacation or letting them know what to do...but, here, i need to do all i am now having a lot of things to do....

hmmmm...i am not sure whether i am able to handle all the stress....but, what i am sure is that...when its time to go home, i enjoy it....coz, i get to see my lovely princess.

sian dia, mama asyik pegi keje time dia tido. time balik ,malam jela leh jumpa...tapi, hari minggu pun jumpa u baby....