Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kamila @ KLCC

haaaaa...hari ahad lepas 26 april...kamila bersiap2 nk pegi KLCC. first time dia nk pegi KLCC nih. mama lak kena siapkan dia nk pegi KLCC.

time nih, kamila tengah mandi.baba lak nk amik gambar.

ni baba panggil,kamila pusing belakang. muka mama sipi2 je.x pakai tudung. kena tutup aurat, x nampakla detail yek.

muka pas mandi dah pakai baju yg umi bagi.macam-macam ada. :). ni special sikit, muka masam. tgh testing macam2 expression la nih.

ni tgh nk kacau baba amik gambar. sempatla snap gambar dia.

apala, kata nk gi KLCC, asyik amik gambar je......

cepatla baba, dh tak sabar nk gi KLCC nih....

akhirnye, sampai gak ke KLCC. tujuan nk gi ke situ, sbb baba nk recce tempat, mandarain oriental utk function kat situ. ada job photography esoknye, hari isnin. so, gambar2 yg diambil kat dlm KLCC byk yg berdekatan dgn pintu keluar ke mandarin oriental.

masa jln2 tuh, ada hall yg penuh dgn gambar2 artis yg diambil utk majalah oleh photographer, bergambar kat situ. tak jumpa artis amik gambar artis pun jadila.... :)

kamila tengah rs ngantuk nih, posing kat sebelah deanna yusoff(model)

posing sebelah wan zaleha radzi. baba panggil,kamila tgk, snap...amik gambar

amy mastura....kamila tgh blur nih

sambil berjalan masuk ke KLCC..dari mandarin oriental

gambar vanida imran....

saje je posing kat sebelah ni.nk bt iklan lak....hehehh...

kamila dh start lapar nih...

makan time!!!! bawa kamila makan kat KFC. ramainye org....

kamila dh mengamuk. lepas makan, apalagi tido la....

masa kat KFC tu, kamila mengamuk lak nk tido. so, mama nye tgh makan, sambil baba pegang dulu.pastu, baba lak makan.mama pegang kamila plak pas makan, dia ngamuk2. baba lak amik lepas tu.

kamila sambil baba amik tu meronta2, pastu tertendangla ayam baba. abis jatuh ke, baba x dpt la makan ayam KFC. siannnnn... baba. tp, nasib baikla dh belikan dia kolonel burger.x la kebulur sgt. (ye ke yang...sorry)

apa2 pun first time kamila gi KLCC, dia excited campur dgn ngantuk. so, dia tertido kat KLCC masa mama gi semayang zohor kat surau di KLCC.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

how to start wearing CD

this is actually to answer a friend that asked me how to wear CD. wearing CD is not a difficult thing to start, but first you have to have enough RM, to buy CD's that you think is affordable, effective and is according to your taste (that means the pattern or design of the CD).

a CD's worth depends on the brand and materials used for the making of the CD. there is also an organic CD which will eventually be torned or worned out. (but, hey! nothing is forever).at least it will last according to your way of usage,washing methods and washing detergents. (fact: washing detergents with bleaching factors, whitening and enzymes will affect the durability of a CD, i.e will make the CD less durable coz the factors above will make the CD easier to be torned)

firstly, wearing a CD needs to have the mindsetting from YOU yourself whether you are really determined to change to cloth diapers or not. you need to know whether you are capable of handling all the problems and questions regarding to wearing cloth diaper.

next, you need the support of the people surrounding you.e.g your hubby,mother,babysitter,etc.(the ones that are going to help change the diaper when you're not around,ahem ahem..:))

then, the next thing to do is to find the best resource for the best CD that YOU can afford to buy and feel easy to handle. there are more than one type of CD to choose from, so be sure that you know which one that suits you and your babysitter. there are some online shops that i've already put in my blog, you can search it there at you right hand side which categorizes as the window shopping/shopping list. right now i'm using one size pocket diaper, which can be adjusted to 3 sizes, which are for S,M and L. it can be used for baby up til 13 kg (but, also depends on the size of you baby's thigh). currently, there's a new pattern of cloth diaper which is AI2 which means all in two. the Ai2 has the same concept as AIO, but better, where the insert can be removed and replaced with new ones within seconds. the outer piece can be reused around 2 to 3 times before taking it to the washing machine. which means that less washing and cheaper. for instance you can check out the example of an Ai2 at this page

basically, you need to have some budgets that you think you can afford to buy and read and think of the advantages and cons of the types of cloth diapers that you've known.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Cloth diaper facts

some of us would like to know,why use cloth diaper? why is it better than dispo diapers?

well, for instance it is from cloth, so most of us already know how to use it right? we just wash our cloth when its stained right? so, cloth diaper is just the same concept as our clothing but the difference IS its for our baby's bum :). so why use cloth diaper, the reasons are elaborated below:

1. It is safe/healthy - dispo diapers (DD) have been proven to contain chemicals, paper, plastic, and have been reported to cause allergic reactions among other serious health problems.

2. comfortable - CD (cloth diaper) uses breathable fabrics, and also colorful fabrics that is nice to hold and see by mommies and also babies.

3. money worthy - ok, i admit, that 1 CD, the cheapest, would cost around RM35 to RM 50(this is for the cheapest rate).but, in the long run, if you guys could calculate it, it would be more effective and cost you less than what you have to pay for monthly use of DD. for example, if you use a regular DD which costs around RM 38 with 80 pieces of DD,if your child uses around 6 pieces of DD yeah,you guess it. its around Rm 2.90 per day. if you count for per month, its RM 87. this is only for a month. if we count it for a year, its RM1,044. in the long run you have already wasted a lot, coz you're throwing away your money. but, if you use CD, you're going to save. coz, you'll not throw away the CD. you'll reuse it over and over again (until its torn, :))'ll even save more, as you wouldn't need to buy any rash/diaper cream for your baby's bum, as using CD would normally not give any effect to your baby's bum i.e its breathable, no chemical present, etc.

4. save environment - you save the environment from not throwing a lot of wastes. DD is hard to dispose of, coz its not biodegradable (is my spelling right?). therefore, you'll even save the earth.studies have shown that we throw away around millions of dispo diapers.

5. easy to use - using CD is the same concept as DD. but, you'll be saving the environment and money by using CD. there are so many types of CD being sold out there (will eloborate further, in my next post) some of it are AIO's AI2 , etc. The CD used will need to be dispose of the poo poo and pee of child, just by throwing away the poo in the toliet bowl and rinsing off the insert with water.its easy to use in any lifestyle, coz, there are CDs that has the exact same features as DD but, using cloth.

6. ease of mind - mothers(and fathers) would feel much more happier, as they would not be 'investing' more into buying DD's for their children and would know that their child is having the best for their health(no chemicals involve)

7.potty training easier- potty training for your children would be much more easier, as CD will need to be changed more frequently as compared to DD's. this makes your child feel uncomfortable when they feel the damped cloth at their bum's and would automatically ask you to change it!! so, this makes it easier for you to train you lil ones early.

so, haven't i made it clear for you mommies, daddies(is there a word for this, :)) and going to be mum and dads that CD's are next best thing that you could provide for your child. don't think about the cost. i'm sure all of us can manage our own money, just think about the benefits that we could achieve in the long run and giving the best to our child is what it counts.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

A day for myself

well, not really a day for myself its only for a few hours. today, i went to a bio career 2009 fair at KLCC(KL Convention Centre). we were informed by our father to go there, coz he thought that they were having a career fair there. so, we prepared our resumes and try to look our best.(not really, heheeeee...) so, we went there by LRT and arrived there at around 20 minutes.

as we arrived at the convention centre, we had to register and saw only a few people were there and also some school groups. we went in the exhibition hall and, to our surprise, that there were only some booths opened and were not actually opening for a career that we've had in mind.

we are looking for a job that offers us admin and accounts position, but most of the jobs that they offered are only for HR , sales ,marketing, R&D and other laboratory positions. as we knew that our qualification won't fit into these positions, we were quite disapointed with the fair. but, at least we've tried to survey the fair. we only found one booth from jobstreet, but, we knew that we are able to find jobs online.

so, we went home disapointed. and have to wait for my brother in law to come and pick us up. but, before that we need to wait him near his office which is nearby the pavillion,KL. so, both of us walked from KLCC to pavillion. we went to have a drink a pavillion and waited for him there.

there,we talked for quite sometime. we talked about married life, our family and's nice to be able to do that. it's nice to have my own free time, my own space to relax and enjoy life.

i do feel rejoiced and felt quite happy. so, ayang, you know what to do la after this ( jomla kita gi tengok wayang (wink:wink)

Friday, April 17, 2009

cerita lawak dan lucu

hai geng,

masa tengok blog2 kawan2 yg lain, terjumpala blog nih. memang kelakar gila.ketawa terbahak2 .heheeee.... disebabkan dh rase boring dgn tension sikit, pegi la melawat blog nih. memang release lah sikit tension nih. u guys should try this blog. lawak gila......

selamat melawat blog nih koleksi cerita lucu

selamat bergelak ketawa......

Breastfeed mothers cepat laparr...

memangla tersangat setuju dgn tajuk di atas, memang breastfeed mothers akan cepat lapar...contohnye, seperti myself. tak di nafikan, memang klau selepas breastfeed atau pun pam, mmg terasala haus sesgt, and lapar pun leh tahan gak.

sampai cik abang pun tegur. kita makan lebih banyak dari dia. heheheh...... Smile .

so, hari nih, terjumpala satu thread kat dalam satu website khas utk malaysian food calorie guide. nih, utk mengira berapa kalori pemakanan kita setiap hari. klau nk makan dengan sihat and maintain kurus. (ni bagus nih, leh cube utk turunkan berat ni Smile )

so, inilah dia website yg ditunggu2 (ye ke ada org tunggu nih? Roll ) takpela hantam sajalah....

so,sila2 la,dtg menjenguk ke website nih. you'll be surprised at how much calories you've been eating all this while.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why i want my children to be breastfeed (from a father's point of view)

kepada yg menjadi bapa, 'father to be' and yg bakal ingin berkahwin, ini adalah from a father's point of view yg bersungguh2 utk nk anak2nye di breastfeed kan. artikel ini bagus utk dijadikan panduan dan juga pedoman.


They come in different sizes and shapes; creating quite a stir for some men but they actually serve the most important function to human being that is to breastfeed babies and if possible toddlers. Nowadays, they are more seen in magazines and television promoting any kind of merchandising including cars,perfume and more that people forget the whole purpose of them. People sometimes refuse to call them their real name but prefer to use their nicknames such as tits, boobs, etc.

I thought this was the time that we, men should realize the real purpose and potential of them and acknowledge women by recognizing them by their faces rather than their assets. Although ‘they’ can look very delicious during breastfeeding.

When my wife got pregnant for the first time, I knew I was going to ask her to fullybreastfeed our child. I am lactose intolerant. The smell and the sight of artificial milk can easily make my stomach upset. I do not want my children to even have a sip of those artificial milk. I read a lot about the goodness of breastfeeding and have experienced most of it if not all.

Let me share with you the advantages of being a dad to breastfed children

• Breast-feeding helps women get back to their pre-pregnancy state. It contracts the uterus and helps to expedite the healing process after delivery.Advantage to dad; within one to two weeks my wife was already well enough to cook for the family and look after all of us. Save money for eating out.

• Breastfeeding helps women to lose weight faster. Yes, less money to spend on slimming products or classes or treatment.

• The babes sucking, vital for the production of milk stimulates the release of milky hormones, prolactin and oxytocin. These hormones also help a woman relax. Therefore less arguing and confrontation with me. Some argue that its psychology thinking, but still, to me it means a lot.

• One very IMPORTANT fact for working dads or maybe for some who is being controlled by the queen. We don’t have to wake up at night to prepare milk.Mom’s supply is ready anytime. And while they are at it, they can simply continue changing the baby’s diapers as well. I’m sure most of us men will gladly agree.

Traveling is easy. No need to bring all the bottles and milk. As long as we bring the ‘queen’ along, we will be hassle free. We only have to worry about those pesky diapers bag.

• We can save a lot of time and money on buying artificial milk. Breast milk is free. To some, it doesn’t seem to bother a lot, but try think about the free timethat you can have by not going to the store every now and then to get those artificial milk, and imagine if you accidentally got the wrong milk instead! I’m sure most of us have faced the wrath of the queen.

• A breast fed child will be less likely to suffer from asthma, eczema and a whole host of other little goodies; saving yet more money, this time on medical bills. More money for us to buy our toys

• Breastfeeding satisfies baby's emotional needs. All babies need to be hold regularly. It is much easier to console a crying baby with breastfeeding. Less crying means less emotional pressure for moms and dads and more time for us to spend reading the newspaper.

As you can begin to see and appreciate, anything to do with the breasts shouldn't be rushed or underestimated.

Breast-feeding isn't just about feeding babies. Breastfeeding should be a normal picture to our society at any time,anywhere. A baby sucking is an urge of great magnitude, rather like you. Babies need to suck.

With breastfeeding babies expend energy; derive comfort,security, love and warmth. It's their first social exchange. It exercises their jaw and aids the growth of teeth. Demand feeding as we call it in the trade, is instinctive and shouldn't be messed with.

We should promote this fact and be in tune with it. Sadly this is a lost art.One controversial issue with men and breastfeeding is feeding in public.Husbands should not be ashamed of their wives who opt for publicbreastfeeding (although I can get very fiery when someone tries to look closer).They know what they are doing. Do not aspect your wife to breastfeed yourchild in the restroom.

Would you like to have your lunch or snack in the toilet? Ifyou are ok with it, then there must be something wrong with you. There are a lotof ways to actually breastfeed discreetly. In the market right now, we have plenty of choices of nursing clothes. There are also ways to cover their assets and women usually know about it.

And guys ...please mind your eyesight; the mother is trying to feed her baby. You can have plenty of time at home.Nature at it's best and most beautiful. Breast-feeding for many women is a passionate affair. Place this somewhere safe in your mind and when the time comes to share your life with the woman you adore and you both decide to have children, give her all the encouragement you can. She'll love you even more for it.

Passionately, together you can watch your child grow, oh and her breasts too..........Breasts are beautiful; they also produce milk, the best pre-packed conveniencefood out there, now that's an advertisement well worth remembering...Reference:1. Hey Guys! More than a Cracking Pair, Tee Ashford.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Relactation story

artikel nih, dicilok dr website ini adalah penyuntik semangat utk myself(and to others yg maybe into breastfeeding). hope this will give u gals hope that we can breastfeed and we can do it. yes!!!! we can do it. where there's a will there's a way. nk seribu daya tak nak seribu dalih. as long as kita ada NEKAD dan TEKAD, insya allah akan berjaya.(kata2 nih, semangat utk myself juga).

even she (shelle) can give her breastmilk through expressing!!!

not necessarily through breastfeed only. so, gals, please be mentally and physically strong to block any comments or saying that we would not be able to breastfeed our own baby. BE STRONG. we can and we WILL do it!!!!

Hi Liss
Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I relactated 8 months after stopping. It can be done and this is my story ... *very breifly, of course*

When my son was born nearly five years ago, I was determined to breastfeed. Always wanted to... and always knew that was the way in which all my children would be feed. After I gave birth (3 days later), I tore all the muscles up the back of my spine and through my left arm.. (unrelated to the birth, just a freak thing that happened).

This accident left me with a frozen left arm, hense leading to great difficulty in latching my son on the opposite breast, my right one. This in turn, lead to me getting a massive crack in the right nipple. As I could not correct the latch (due to the frozen arm and mass amounts of pain) the crack never healed and contined to bleed and expel green puss at every feed. Four weeks later, mastitis set in. The doctor's believed that infection had found it's way into my nipple through the crack, and burrowed deep into my breast tissue. For 7 days I took oral antibiotics to no avail, then the doctor sent me to hospital for IV antibiotics and heat ultrasound techniques on the affected breast. Another 5 days passed before they sent me to have an ultrasound, as my mastitis wouldn't clear. Turns out I had an abscess the size of a tennis ball under the areola and was prepped for immediate surgery.

I was later informed that the abscess was so infected and severe, that I would be dead if it wasn't for the anibiotics and removal. Afterwards, I had a massive hole in my breast, that could not be stitched up, as it would cause my breast to collapse. So instead, I was packed with 2 and a half metres of gauze, that was removed and re-packed everyday.. (without pain medication I must add! ) Needless to say, the doctor cut half my milk ducts to reach the abscess and due to the packing and re-packing of gauze, I couldn't put my son to feed on that side and my milk dried up. I kept feeding from the other breast and topping up with formula...

Of course, I looked very lopsided as my left breat grew to twice the size of the right one! After four months, my son flat out refused to nurse anymore and my breatfeeding days were over... At first I was okay with this, as everything was such a mission anyway, but as the months passed, I grew bitter and resentful. I blamed the medical profession for allowing this to happen and was angry that no one would support me when all this was happening. I even remember a lactation consultant telling me in hospital... "Wow, you have been through a lot. Maybe it would be best if you just cut your losses and quit" I was blown away by this! She should have been the one rooting for me!

Anyway, as time passed I became quite depressed everytime I made a bottle of formula and decided I wanted to breastfeed again. I read some books, checked out the net and decided to give it a go! I hired a hospital grade breast pump (from my local chemist for 6 weeks), pumped every 3 hours during the day and twice at night, and this is what happened over the six weeks...

Week 1 - After pumping for this week, I noticed My breasts felt 'sweaty' and alittle damp. No milk though.

Week 2 - Seen a drop appear during each pumping session. The drop never fell or dripped down, but it did form. The drop was fairly clear too .. similiar to colostrum.

Week 3 - Several drops are forming, and breasts are starting to feel more full and heavier.

Week 4 - Drops are starting to fall during pumping and even noticed wet patch on bra.

Week 5 - Drops are now flowing slowly, milk is now white in colour (no longer clear), breasts are very heavy and are definitly slightly 'leaking' between pumping sessions.

Week 6 - Sprays appeared during pumping and let-downs became apparent.

After this, I purchased an Ameda Yours Purely Double Breast Pump and continued pumping on the same schedule. Obviously my son didn't physically 'breastfeed' as he was nearly 12 months old and wasn't interested anymore, so I just pumped my milk and bottlefed him. This whole story might seem silly and time consuming to some people, but since I was becoming so depressed and obsessed with the whole situation,

I knew that this was the only solution to my feeling okay with what happened to me. Turns out I was right. I kept pumping and bottlefeeding for the next 12 months and weaned my son off the 'breast' (AKA - the pump) just after his second birthday... You can do it Liss and I wish you all the best.Shelle__________________

*Tandem Breastfeeding a 2 year old and 1 year old... Life is Beautiful!
*Me: 28
DH: 37
# 1: 7 Years (Boy) June 2000
# 2: 2 Years (Girl) April 2005

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gambar untuk nenek dari Kamila

Gambar2 nih, diambil hari nih, selepas isyak. gambar2 nih, tujuannye utk ibu mertua ku. besday nye esok. hubby ku dh antar email utk wish besday pada ibunye.

kamila tengah syok posing. mama tengah pegang dia. abaikan mama kat belakang tuh ye.(tengah serabai tuh)

kamila duduk, ni tengah pandang mama yg kononnye nk suruh kamila senyum. Smile

aaahhh, bestnye sandar, penatla posing.;)

apa asyik suruh org 'posing2' nih, org nk sandar pun tak leh ke..

best nih, tepuk2 perut


Happy birthday!!! semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki dan semoga sentiasa sihat .

......................dari hana,ait & kamila...............................

Blog 'walking'

hari nih, saje je nk survey mana2 blog yg menarik. terjumpala satu blog nih yg ada menunjukkan hari2 utk potong kuku. so, guys baca and jadikanla panduan,ok.

RASULULLAH S.A.W BERSABDA YANG ERTINYA: Barang siapa yang mengerat kukunya pada ;

Hari Sabtu : Nescaya keluar dari dalam tubuhnya ubat dan masuk kepadanya penyakit

Hari Ahad : Nescaya keluar daripadanya kekayaan dan masuk kemiskinan

Hari Isnin : Nescaya keluar daripadanya gila dan masuk sihat

Hari Selasa : Nescaya keluar daripadanya sihat dan masuk penyakit

Hari Rabu : Nescaya keluar daripadanya was-was dan masuk kepadanya kepapaan

Hari Khamis : Nescaya keluar daripadanya gila dan masuk kepadanya sembuh dari penyakit

Hari Jumaat : Nescaya keluar dosa-dosanya seperti pada hari dilahirkan oleh ibunya dan masuk kepadanya rahmat daripada Allah Taala

Jadi, kerat kuku bukan sebarang kerat tapi ada kaedahnya.Walaupun ia hanya kuku tapi ia adalah sebahagian dari badan kita yang perlu kita hormati.Misalnya, kerat kuku ada adabnya selain ikut hari, kita juga perlu buang kuku tu pada tempat yang tidak kotor sebagaimana yang diajar, eloklah buang ke tanah kerana kita juga adalah unsur tanah, Bukannya tong sampah sekalipun tong sampah tu bersih.

Lagi satu, mulakan kerat kuku tu mulai dengan Bismillah dan selawat Nabi dan kerat start jari telunjuk sebelah kanan sampai habis tangan kanan, kemudian jari kelingking sebelah kiri sampai ibu jari tangan kiri dan last sekali ibu jari tangan kanan.

Kalau kaki pula, start dengan jari kelingking kaki kanan sampai kelingking kaki kiri.Itulah sunnah yang paling kuat dipegang selama ini walaupun ada banyak khilafnya.Wallahu’alam. Begitu indahnya Islam, sampai kerat kuku pun diajarnya.Apatah lagi perkara yang lebih besar dari itu.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kamila at Wendy's

hari nih, kitaorg anak beranak pergi ke Wendy's utk nk try makanan di situ. menu dia memang menarik. walaupun hari nih ujan lebat.KL dh lama tak ujan lama camni.

datang ke Wendy's nih, sebab baru lepas pegi ke PWTC.saje je nk tengok2 home fair situ.

lepas tu tak tau nk pegi mana, rasa2 nk cuba Wendy's. So,Wendy's yg terdekat ada kat Jalan Sultan Ismail.

Menunya ok, price nye ok gak. cam price Burger King. Makanannya, ada kureng siktla. tapi, at least ktaorg cube tuh taula sedap ke tak. cume taste setiap org lain. mungkin ada yg suke kot Wendy's nih. entahlah.

masa kat Wendy's nih, kena acara makan bergilir2 :). yela dh ada anak, kenala sorang makan, sorang jaga.

Masa kat Wendy's punyela bising mulut anak mama, cam nk bercakap je. pastu, meragam lak. rupe2 nye dh penat nk tido. yela kuar dr kul 3 lebih, berjalan2.

Gambar Kamila dgn mama ada ambil kat Wendy's.

Kamila baru tido kat bahu mama,pas bawa gi jalan2 sikit. tengah ujan lebat nih, tu yg sedap tido.

saje je posing kat sebelah makanan tuh, nk menunjuk siket.kitaorg dh makan kat Wendy's.:P

Mama kena pegang kepala Kamila, dia melentok lembik.ngantuk sangat, sian dia.

Pas sesi makan dgn bergambar, rasa nk balik lak. tapi, masa tuh, hujan makin lebat. so, terpaksala baba amik keta. sian baba kena ujan.

so, okla sesi bercerita ari nih, nanti senang2 dtgla lagi. :)



Mim kahwin

salam semua,

wah, mim memang nampak happy je semalam. ramai kengkawan yg dtg yek. sorryla pada semua kengkawan dca yg dtg. tak sempat jumpa. semlm baby meragam, tak cukup tido. pastu dh tido dia bangun lapar, kenala bg makan dgn susu. so, yang dpt jumpa, hanyalah beberapa kerat je kawan2. sempatla gak jumpa tini, sheila dgn ayu.

cik mim plak, oppsss...puan mim, sibuk melayan kengkawan dgn tetamu.tapi, apa pun tahniahla pada mim and suami ye.faiz tak dpt dtg. sorryla ye. dia kena keje. maklumla wedding photographer. ( promote lak,:-)).

ni nk marah mim sikitla, map yg awak bagi tuh, tak berapa completela. nasib baik tak sesat semalam(walaupun masuk jam). tapi, bila nk dekat sampai tuh, terbabas la gak. bagila address betul2. nasib la pandai cari jalan.(jangan mare ye...)

p/s: tak dapat ambik gambar.lupe bawa kamera. kameraman pun tak dtg. :(

ok, cau cincau...

Saturday, April 11, 2009


hari nih, blogku telah pun bertukar wajah. hehe... dapat tukar template lepas tengok kat you tube.senang aje. let me teach you,k (cewah, macam pandai je,hehe....)ni utk sesape yg tak tau lagi ye.sesape yg dah tau, layan jela....

cara2 nye:

1. pergi ke mana2 website yg ada free templates. i went to both of this website.

(prefer this one, lagi best oooo...)

2. pilih templates yg berkenan di hati
3. copy html
4. pergi ke layout
5. edit html, dan masukkan template yg telah di copy tadi ke edit template.
6. preview dulu,klau tak berkenan template tadi, just pergi balik ke webpage yg ada free template, dan mula langkah 1st tadi.

selamat mencuba......

Thursday, April 9, 2009

CD-ing for Kamila

Excited rasenye. Baru je dpt CD brand coolababy dr Kak Liza, beli online dr kedainye Sweet Gummy Smile. beli 2 je. baru nk berjinak2 dgn cloth diaper nih. belum cuba lagi. tak basuh lagi. lagipun kena basuh 3 kali, baru 'absorbtion rate' dia lagi bagus. Coolababy nih antara brand CD yg murah je. beli CD nih pun murah (murah ke..) dalam RM36 sehelai dengan 2 insert. dapat harga ni pun sebab ada sale.

brand coolababy buatan dari china

pandangan dari atas dan CD yg telah dibuka

beli 2 warna(merah dan ungu)

pandangan CD dari belah dalam dgn 2 insert

memang tak sabar2 lagi nk bagi kamila pakai. dh siap basuh dh pagi nih. tapi kena basuh lagi 2 kali.

lepas nih, baba kena bagi mama banyak duit lagila nk beli CD (cloth diaper) utk kamila. hehehe...kita korek duit baba sama2 ye kamila. :)

sambil2 updatekan posting, ada gak masa nk membelek2 internet nk cari lagi macam2 kedai yg jual CD nih online. ada macam2 jenis CD nih, ada fitted, prefold, pocket, AIO, AIO2 dan macam2 lagi.

bak kata iklan ASTRO... macam-macam ada...

CD nih bagus. bagus macam mana, bagus dari segi kewangan, environment dan utk anak kita sekali. leh tengok kebaikan CD nih kat website nih ye.

kedai2 online yg jual CD ni pun ada banyak kat malaysia nih, antara yg dh jumpa la:

dan ada lagi website2 yg jual CD nih. memangla mula2 rasa mahalnya...satu CD yg paling murah pun yg jumpa kat online dalam harga RM20. tapi, kalau pikir2 balik, kalau beli disposable diaper, katalah yg agak murah dalam RM30 adala dlm 80 keping. kalau nk kira2 dalam RM0.375 sekeping. senang kira dalam RM0.38 sekeping. cuba renung kan,kita beli DD (disposable diaper la) nih, lepas pakai kita, kiranya kita buangla RM0.38 tu setiap kali pakai. kan buang duit tuh. bukan nak berkira sangat, tapi, kalau ada alternatif yg lebih bagus takkan tak nak lak.
okla dah banyak lak celoteh dlm posting nih. nanti bila senang tambah lagi kebaikan CD nih ye.

cau cincau..... TO BE CONTINUED ......hehehe... saje bagi suspen.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

my journey in breastfeeding

pengalaman dlm memberikan susu utk anak tersayang mulanya, mmg sesuatu yg ku ingat mudah dan akan menjadi natural utk ibu2 yg bersalin.tapi, sebenarnya, mmg agak sukar.

kesilapan pertama selepas bersalin, di mana ibu2 digalakkan utk menyusu bayi waktu sejam yg pertama utk menggelakkan dr kematian dn beberapa faktor lg, tidak ku lakukan. mmg ms tu, tak tau menahu pun ttg statement ni. selepas bersalin, bb tak diberikan kpd ku utk menyusu.mmg tak tahu menahu pun yg kena terus menyusu selepas bersalin.mmg kurang ilmu.

sepanjang duduk di hospital selama 3 hari, susu ku tak keluar. hanya ada macam air je yg keluar. masa tu, cetek pengetahuan, jadi ingat kan normal, kalau bb kena minum formula.doktor plak tak lak cakap yg susu ibu lebih baik. mmg menyesal klau teringat balik. sepatutnye bg bb stimulate, kena suruh gak menyusu. doktor pulak tak cakap apa2 pun. tak lak promote breastfeeding.

nk jadi cerita, masa lepas keluar hospital, bb tak reti latching betul2. so, mmg tiap kali bg susu, sakit. bb lak setiap kali menyusu lama, dlm sejam ke 2 jam, tapi, mesti tak kenyang2. asyik menangis je. time tu, dh start rs fed up.letih,rs depressed pun ada.sakit belakang tak terkatala. time mlm2,mesti bb mengamuk, mcm asyik tak cukup je minum. bila dh asyik menangis org lain pulak cakap tak cukup susu, so kesilapan kedua pula berlaku, bila bg susu formula. sbb tiap kali bg formula, bb mmg boleh tido lena.mungkin sebab dh terlalu kenyang.bila baca balik forum2, susu formula mmg leh buat bb kenyang lebih lama, sbb susah nk hadam and bb lambat lapar.

so, itula yg terjadi sepanjang tempoh pantang. nk dikatakan setiap mlm asyik bg formula saja, sbb dh terlalu letih, bb asyik berkepit sj. rupa2nya bila dh jumpa dgn membaca pengalaman and maklumat2, barula tau yg bb tengah growth spurt. lepas tu, cuba utk nk bg susuibu pada anak. beli pump, bg bb direct ,jumpa lactation consultant.tapi, entahla, masa tu mungkin determination utk menyusu ada, tapi, kekuatan dan ilmu utk nk pam x de. jadi, susu memang tak byk yg keluar.

sekarang, setelah meng'explore' dan membaca lebih lagi, barula mendapat inspirasi dan keinginan utk cuba lebih rajin utk pam bg susuibu pada 'kamila'. mama sayang kamila.mama nk cuba yg terbaik utk anak mama.lepas ni, mama nk cuba pam lebih rajin lagi.

ku dpt inspirasi utk pam drp seorg forumer gak "cik hayatie". selalu tengok blognye and buat panduan dr situ, ini blognye My 'xclusively xpressing' .

mmg sgt berharap dpt hasilkan susu yg byk utk kamila, walaupun sekarang dia dh nk masuk 7 bulan 16 sept nanti. tapi, walaupun dia dh nk masuk 7 bulan, and if susu ana masih ada, ana nk juga provide dia susu ana. insya allah klau niat baik and ada TEKAD & NEKAD,mesti boleh. chaiyok,chaiyok....... TUHAN MAHA BERKUASA. AMIN......

Monday, April 6, 2009

outing di putrajaya

gambar masa baring, tengah tengok cik cik


first day bawa kamila pegi jalan2 ke putrajaya dengan hubby and adik bongsu hubby (cik cik - pak cik kecik). seronok betul dia keluar. tengok pemandangan. excited je nampak.mula2 bawa gi jalan2 amcorp mall, makan2, pastu baru pegi putrajaya. memang terlelap2 gak la dlm keta, masa on the way gi putrajaya. sian dia.penat nampaknya.sampai ke putrajaya, nampak syok gila je.sampai tak teringatla nk minum susu.mula2 pegi ke dataran dengan masjid putrajaya, sebab panas, tak jadi tunggu lama, lagipun nk mencari tempat untuk pergi solat. pegila ke taman warisan putrajaya. solat disitu.kamila plak tak menyusu sampai 5 ke 6 jam.memang risaula gak.tapi, tengok dia ok je. bila sampai kat dataran opposite dewan kehakiman, barula meragam nk susu.banyak gambar2 yg diambil kat bawah, di dataran hadapan dewan kehakiman.

time ni tengah bagi dia baring.seronok kena sakat dengan cik ciknye.

tengah ber'posing' baba dia panggil.

ambil gambar di dataran opposite dengan dewan kehakiman di putrajaya.kat sini memang ramai yg dtg beriadah dengan family

bergambar bersama kamila

hehehe...kamila dah pandai duduk, tapi tak berapa balance lagi. ni pun risau gak tinggal dia . kejap je bagi dia duduk.takut dia jatuh ( tengah tunggu kat sebelah,tak berani tinggal)

mama pun 'posing' sekali. kamila tengah gelak cik cik main2 sakat dia. ternampakla tembam mama dgn kamila sekali.:)

kat bawah ni ada beberapa gambar lagi yg diambil.

kamila meniarap

mama pegang kamila

mama lambai kat baba
kamila tengah tengok cik cik nya,mama yg tengok kamera :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Kamila Jatuh

Sedih betul..
semalam benda yg selalunye ana and hubby risau is that kamila jatuh, telah pun terjadi. konon semalam nk ganti pose yg dh lama tertangguh, 15 hari tuh, mampus nk ganti nanti kalau tunggu lambat2.

nak jadi cerita, semalam masa turun bawah makan sahur tinggal baby kat katil dengan letak la bantal kat sekeliling. bila masa nk naik tangga je, dh dgr bunyi cam benda jatuh. pastu dgr cam ada org lari. tengok2 dlm bilik, dgr hubby angkat kamila, tengah nangis teresak2.baru jatuh.

sebelum nih, mmg ramai yg dah pesan jaga elok2 anak tu.mmg ingat insya allah okla.sian dia . menangis teruk.cian baby mama. mmg rasa nk menangis sekali. terus terkejut baby mama.habis lebam kat kepala anak mama. oleh kerana risau sgt, sampai tak keje semlm. nk tengok progress kamila macam mana. takut dia muntah2 ke pengsan ke. hubby sampai ingat nk pegi keje lambat nk bawa baby gi jumpa paed pagi2 lagi.tapi, call kat klinik, paed lak dtg petang. so, kena gi keje dulu sebelum gi jumpa paed. hubby pun rasa cam tak nak gi keje. nasib la bos baik, bagi keje half day. emergency leave.

so, alhamdulillah tengok kamila ok. tapi, mmg asyik nak berkepit je dgn ana. sampai tido pun nk ana tido kan. sampai mama dia tido skali. bila tinggal dia cepat2 bangun. memang nk manja je, nak berkepit je.

semalam birthday adik hubby. gi balik shah alam malam tuh selepas buka pose(hehe..pose, tetap pose gak walaupun risau).sambut dgn dia kat A&W kat PJ belakang Amcorp Mall.tapi sian kamila, ngantuk2. balik umah, lepas smayang, terus nk tidokan kamila.mmg terasa penat. sian dia memang dia ngantuk betul.

sorry baby, sian dia jatuh ye..nanti kita tido bawah jela k.