Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Breastfeeding journey

Hi all,

So far my breastfeeding journey still continues and i hope to go on strong. Harriz is already 5 months and a half. He is already 6.9kg. I am not sure to all, but his weight for me is considered as okay, as he is fully breastfed. Some breastfed babies do get bigger, but my baby still looks small. I am not sure where the kilos has gone to, maybe it is for his muscle and bones structure.

His progress so far, is that he can now push himself from lying position to lie on his stomach instantly. He now wants to move forward. He sometimes will be at a different station if he just roll himself from one station to another. From point A to point B. He knows his name when being called out. And remembers people. If he wants you to take him from another person he can just put out his hand to you.

He'll laugh at your(not so funny) jokes :P. Basically he is a healthy and bright child. Not to exaggerate, but I find that he is brighter than his older sister at his age. Maybe it's because of the breast milk that he gets everyday that his sister did not (because of mom's lack of knowledge). This made me feel sometimes guilty of not able to breast feed Kamila (Harriz's elder sister) exclusively like him.

My current target is to breast feed Harriz until 6 months old. And will try to continue until he is 2 years old.
I hope I can.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Happily breastfeeding

It is now day one after the minor surgery. The progress of breastfeeding is getting better, although Harriz is still having a little bit of jaundice and is still sleepy. But, the progress is getting well I guess, as he is now currently having more than once bowel movement and his feces are turning form the color of dark green to yellowish, which I understood from the doctor is normal for a breastfeed baby.

So, I hope the progress of breastfeeding with Harriz will get better and he will be able to latch on perfectly without any more pain. Since he still is quite sleepy with the jaundice, he still would not open his mouth wide enough, but the pain that I usually would feel before, have already subsided.

Hope that the journey of breastfeeding with him would be a better one than his elder sister.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tongue tied

Hi all,

I have done a minor surgery to my dear baby. I know, I know, why the hell would I do that to my only 14days child? Well, first of all, I am confused of why am I not able to let him latched on correctly at my breast.Although I had followed all of the basic steps for proper latch on with my baby, but, I just couldn't let him latch on.

Every time he feeds, I just could not stand the pain, and had also cried in a few occasions as his sucking was pretty hard every time.My nipple had gone sore and for the first few days of him feeding after his birth my nipples bleed.But, as I was determined to breastfeed my baby until at least 2 years old, I had gone to a Lactation Consultant,Farah from Sarakids yesterday to know what is the problem.

I had told her everything and she had checked my baby's mouth and saw that he has a tongue tied case. Which I never heard of. This was something new to me and I was determined to find out and still want to keep on breastfeeding my child.

After googling the information with dear hubby in the net, we decided to go to Dr Koe in Jalan Klang Lama (which had been referred to by Farah) for the minor operation which is called as 'frenotomy'. Well its kinda of snipping the part of frenulum below the tongue to be able for the child to open wider his mouth.

I had discussed this matter with hubby and he being supportive just said okay as long as it did not give any complications to the baby especially and also the mother. Well, being with Dr Koe and hear her explaining, makes me and hubby feeling a bit relieved as she also mentioned that if the tongue tied is not being treated, for the short term is that feeding the baby will be a nightmare for both the baby and mother, as the baby could not latch on well and could not get enough milk and therefore could not get enough nutrition and would be a sleepy and tired baby. As the baby needs to grow and gain at least 20grams per day. As for the long term baby's speech will be better, as he could speak clearly and the pronunciation is clear. Dr. Koe also had informed that maybe when he is older that if he wants to pronounce for example the word lorry if he did not do the surgery he would pronounce it as lolly.

So, after receiving much information from her, we had decided to go ahead of the surgery. Actually, I was not really prepared of the surgery and felt sorry for my dear child, but, since the Dr. had already done the minor surgery more than once and had a vast of clients seeing her, I just trust her.

So now, after the surgery which takes around 5 seconds, immediately my baby could latch on properly and for the first time, I felt that breastfeeding is not a painful experience and I can enjoy the moment with my child. Now, he can breastfeed with me anytime and I just need to continue breastfeeding him and express milk to use for when I start working in the next 2 months and a half.

Just hope that after this the journey of breastfeeding with Harriz will be a better experience and I am able to at least breastfeed him until he is 2 years old. Wish me luck y'all and just pray for us.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Birth of Harriz

Hi all,

I had been into delivery last Thursday, 9 June 2011. Gave birth to a lovely baby boy, weight at 3.5kg. A lot of difference from his elder sister which only came out at 2.7kg only. Well this past few days were a tough one. I had decided to fully breastfeed my son before he came out, and would really love to do it for his elder sister as well. But, no reason to fret about things that have passed, we need to focus on the current ones.

Well, for these past few days, had been quite an interesting and challenging one. Harriz just likes to sleep in the day and wakes up at night. At night, he would request to drink more and this is quite a challenge for me, and luckily, dear hubby is very supportive and would even stay awake when the baby is crying and tries to even soothe the baby, by cradling him every night.

But, I know that by doing so will not stop his crying. I am frustrated sometimes as the baby does not want to suckle properly, thus making me feeling painful at the nipple area.right now, I am hoping to get a lactation caunselor's help.

I hope that I can get one soon enough. Does anyone knows any in Shah Alam?.I had tried to get one here, but she seems to be busy.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Managers SHOULD Manage

Hi all,

Today's post is for letting out my steam from my boss. I strictly think that managers should manage and not academicians manage. Why? because we managers know what the procedures that we need to follow and how to do about it.

Academicians knows what they do best, teaching and research. Managers would try to accomodate what the academicians want and try to solve matters, but academician just know how to delegate and just inform what they want and not see the consequences of the wants. They don't even want to know what the procedure that needs to be followed and just assume that all can be done in an instant.

I would love to have a boss that would like to hear suggestions even from the staffs that are way below ranking. Currently, even what I have explained would not be given any thought as the BOSS would just assume that the procedures and regulations are being made by human and can be accessed in any way.

Huh....then what for we have terms and regulations during our services here. Come on... this is an organization with more than 20,000 staffs and we have to come out with procedures, regulations, guidelines everything in order to be able to maintain a big organization.

Dear Boss,

If you want us to not follow the regulations please be the higher authority that is the BIG BOSS of this organization then ask us to just cut through the regulations. Even the BIG BOSS is following the regulations why shouldn't we.

Oh, and another, yes I am always in front of the computer going up and down, sometimes to and fro outstation, but, I am doing the best that I can. I am doing my job, and not just  mingle around with people doing nothing unlike others. Please appreciate the staffs that you have. How can you assume that people do not do their job. It is you that is so hard to be found in the office and so hard to giveway to your subordinates.

Please respect your subordinates even though they are just cleaners but, they are human beings. You cannot expect that everyone else can do the job fast and the same day can pass to you the job. Please think of the hardship to get the information and details required. People do make mistake and they are NOT perfect. Even if you try hard enough, people won't be perfect, as that is what god had created.

Arrrgggghhhhh......Please understand that not all people could become like you a "BIONIC" woman....:P

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not in the mood

Hi all,

Just not in the mood to work today. Had been having symptoms of pregnancy this time that will only heal when the baby comes out.

My right hand right now is having soreness and it is quite difficult for me to do my work, as I am a right handed person.

For this past few days had made me thinking that working here is not worth for my life. As it is going to be a lifetime commitmen, and I am commited to family. The stressful conditions during my pregnancy, is not making life easy as well.

I know life is not a piece of cake, but, life can be meaningful and enjoyable, if you want it to be taht way. There are mai IF's right now and  not a solution that I can think of right now.

Oh well life must go on....