Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Shopback cash reward

Hi all

I have been scrolling through my good ol' google and found about this shopback apps. Which is quite cool as they would give you cashback for every product or service that you've purchased at the linked websites in their apps.

You can redeem your cash reward once it have reached RM10.00 which seem like an adequate amount since you get back cash reward from your own purchases for personal usage, which its quite hard to find in Malaysia.

I would personally like to invite you to purchase through this web since its just so easy to be used. Just click at this Shopback link and you are required to do a simple sign up and you're ready to go to any website that you would like to (plus you'll get an extra RM5.00 cashback through this link! wink-wink) 

I personally would recommend LAZADA and GROUPON which give discounts and promos and plus you'll get cash rewards when you've purchased from their website. I know, I know you want to know what's the catch. Wellll.... there's no catch you just need to go through their website or use their apps which you can get it from your android or IOS phone and walla... just purchase anything from the respected website you want. 

Well that's all folks. :)