Friday, June 26, 2009

Pictures of Kamila from my Handphone

dear all,

here are picccas, from my handy phone, from kamila one month up to 8 months plus(or is it 9 months,hehehee). so enjoy!!!! i love all of them. ;)

this picture was taken during last mother's day in Johnny's Wangsa Maju

kamila around 7 months to 8 months, playing at the living room

kamila looking at my camera phone

kamila wearing a scarf (heheheee..this was taken while she was busy playing and mommy is lazy to tie her hair)

taken after kamila woke up from sleep.auwwwww...sooooo..cute..

kamila during the days that she cannot crawl or lie on her tummy yet

picture taken in shah alam

kamila looking at my MIL

picture of kamila trying to take off the scarf, around 7 months plus(or is it 8 months, hmmmm)

kamila 4 months

kamila around 4 to 5 months

3 months plus, in the car ,on the way back to house.

kamila at her great grand mum's house

kamila during the good old days when she can't even crawl or lie on her tummy

kamila sitting on her stroller with baba taking her picca at burger king, carrefour wangsa maju

kamila at burger king

kamila 1 month

kamila 1 month plus

so, that's all folks. i know, i know, why don't i rearrange the pictures??? well....., the answer is that i'm tooooo...lazy to do it. hahahahhaaa.... :)

p/s: mama, forgot what's the exact date and age of kamila during each picture taken, but roughly laaaa...heheheeee....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My milk production

wondering why i put this picture here, well, this is to give me the motivation to further pump and pump!!! for my dear kamila.

as breastmilk is the option there is!!! i need to be more focus in this relactate thing!!! be more energetic and constantly pumping by schedule..

this picture is my milk production early morning at work...yesterday..while i was fasting,was quite shocked as usually i would only get around 1 oz. yesterday, i got 2 oz. well, that's why i snapped the picture to further motivate MYSELF to keep on pumping and be focused!!!

Mother's day presents

i know that mother's day is way back. but, i'm still going to paste my presents for my first mother's day celebration this year's presents.

Mugs from my elder sis

the mugs were put into this nice box.

the mugs poutside the box. nice designs

Mug from my mum (cam berpakat lak nk bg mug :))

side way view of the mug

this is supposed to be way back when the mother's day celebration was still remembered. but, i forgot about the pics , so, here are the pics that i'm supposed to put here.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kamila's picture

as promised, here are a few pictures of kamila

this is in shah alam city center (sacc) in big apple donut shop

kamila with aunty didi's toy bear

kamila wants to grab the camera

more pics of kamila wanting to grab the camera

kamila playing with mineral water bottle

kamila with bottle

kamila holding baba's camera lense cap

hehehee.... keje baba nih

kamila with bear

can you see kamila's new teeth. she has two now.(left click to enlarge)

kamila likes watermelon. she finished one slice on her own.

so, that's the piccas of kamila. sorry, not in the mood of arranging back the pictures. ;)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kamila's 9 months!!!


kamila is already 9 months (oppss9 months and 2 days to be exact). she now, is able to do what most babies can do at her age. she is able to cling onto items and try to get up herself to her feet and stand on her own. quite stubborn, would like to stand all the while, while in car and see the view.

seems like my baby is growing up too fast. just remembered that she's still in my womb. now, she's already learning to have her baby steps. but, still haven't excelled in her standing yet.

she now, has two small tooth at her bottom jaw, and loves to munch on anything that she could hold.

i will try to upload her pictures more here.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Kamila allergic!!!!????

well, kamila has a few red dots on her face.

i am quite worried, coz everytime she gets the spots, it took her nearly 2 weeks to get rid of the spots from her face, leaving her a small scar. (sian baby mama :( ) so, will bring her to clinic today, to check what kind of allergic reactions that she's having.

is it becoz of the haze, or cats or something else. hmmmm....what can it be!!???

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Picnic at Janda Baik

We went for a picnic in Janda Baik last saturday 6 June 2009. first, we went there just to survey the place that we're supposed to have our weekend holiday this coming 27 june 2009 to 28 june 2009. just to have fun before this coming puasa in august 2009.

at first going there was taking quite a while, as the highway was congested during that morning. hmmmm...maybe becoz of the upgrade they're doing to the road. only one way for going to the north. the road to the place that we're going to have our holiday is not bad as well. only one way to go and one back. the road was quite dizzy. but, the place was nice and beautiful. so, hold on to your socks!!!! here are the piccas for the journey there!!!!enjoy!!!!

picture of hubby's family eating picnic lunch. (yummy!!!!)

Kamila and baba berendam

Kamila dh berendam lama

so, excited kamila

hehehe...funny face kamila

kamila looking over her auntie and cousin (kak long dgn aleeya)

Hmmmm...sukenye buat muka masam

baba lak excited lebih2 :)

kamila sukenye berendam

amboiiiii....siap menepuk2 air tu

nice piccas of kamila and hubby

more piccas

kak long and her lil angels with pak uda's granddaughter

more piccas of kak long

sesi makan kamila plak

kamila takut2 lak nk mandi

before mandi .....dh ngantuk kamila ni

teratak pak lah, the place we're going to live for 2 days

at teratak pak lah, ibu holding kamila with cik cik beside her

hmmm...kamila menengok2 kat situ

hmmmm...bile masa lak mama nih posing

so, this is the small bridge to Teratak Pak Lah

the view from the small bridge of the river there.(Beautiful isn't it)

Kamila and nenek

so, wondering why i do not enjoy the beautiful, cool river at Janda Baik??? well, i did not bring my spare pants!!!!! , :( huhuuuu....that's why, it's mostly my hubby's picture with kamila.

so, next time, set goal to bring your spare clothes whatever, so that you can also enjoy the fun.