Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Raya Shopping

Hi all,

I have just came back from doing my own shopping for this coming Raya. Well, I kinda at first dislike to do it, as I do not have a clue what to buy (designs,shapes,etc.), plus with expecting the price for each baju kurung is supposed to be around RM100 or below.

But, to my surprise, the price range of a baju kurung is between RM90 and above. The quality of the baju kurung was not that low quality(sure, look at the price ma...) and the design is quite okay. But, the problem is with the quality of the material.

I for sure would like it to be light and not too transparent, and is not that thick (Malaysia is quite hot right now). So, I thought of only buying baju kurung that is traditional kind of design where most of us knew.

But, once I went to PKNS Shopping Complex in Shah Alam, where there are a lot of vendors selling baju raya, I was amazed and go around the place where I try to find the best baju kurung that suits me.

There are baju kurungs that have nice designs and patterns, but the material was not what I have expected. There are no size as well, only bigger sizes. Then, as I have turned around and walked in circles (twice), I just bought one, that to me have a nice design and pattern and the material is alright. But, one thing is not very right, is the price. But now, being me, I don't want to waste my time finding other clothes that I do not really like, and won't wear it again or only once or twice, so, I just bought the baju kurung. As I like (no, love) the design and the material is okay as well (cotton). And the best thing is the material of the baju kurung needs not to ironed, unless you want to!!! :P....Hehehehehe....being a mom and I know myself, would not like to iron my clothes....I just took it!!!.

As I only bought one baju kurung, I decided to go to Jakel, Shah Alam to buy some more baju kurung that is less than Rm100. But, as we (me and hubby) drove through the lane nearing Jakel, my hubby saw a boutique filled with nice design baju kurungs. Then, I went into the boutique, called as Atelia Amani, where the sales girl was nice,but, the price is extremely pricey although they have discounts. But, as my hubby wanted me to try the clothes, I just bought two of it. The price is expensive, but the materials and the design is just what I like and wanted. Not too striking, not too bright, not many designs or patterns.

So, that's all about the shopping. Will update the raya celebration soon. See ya all.

A preview of the baju kurung that I've bought:

From Altelia Amani

Altelia Amani


Friday, August 20, 2010

Hectic day

Hi all,

It's been a while since I've updated anything. Well, to cut it short, since Kamila been growing, my life got very busy. Busy at work, busy at home. She now, loves to run around the house, climbing here and there, climbing the chairs, and table and even loves to do what grown ups does.

She even likes to act as what we have done in front of her. I have lots of pictures that I have not posted here.

Well, today for instance, is a very busy day for me. I have been to meeting and now, needs to draft letters ( I mean lots of them) to appoint staffs in being responsible to duties appointed to them.

Got tonnes of things to do in just a few hours.Hmmmm....thinking of having my own Personal assistance. But, as you know doing your work is not as easy as ABC anymore. Not when you're in school and University.

Working is now stressing and this ,I admit all of you are thinking.

So, well haven't got much time to chat around or write more. Will do it once I am a bit stabil.

Till then see ya all.......