Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My attempt to do online business

To my fellow friends and followers,

I have made an attempt to focus on online business coz I am basically am tired and sick off instructions from bosses that would ask me to do a lot of things which is not under my job description, just because I am quite efficient in what I do and am able to get the right information for the things that they would want me to find out!

Not trying of blaming others, but, seriously am motivated in working at home to look after my kids and coming little one. Yep, another baby coming, so another mouth to feed. :)

So for those of you that would like to help me.. in my online biz just come over to my blog and facebook (not trying to be sympathetic here). I haven't been updating a lot, coz quite busy with hectic work schedule and also looking after my two adorable active kids.

Just feel free to visit this blog :

Sihat Booster

or you can simply go to my facebook fan page SihatBooster  or BarangBaby dan MummyMurah

I am focusing on supplements for SihatBooster while focusing more towards babies/ kids items and in BarangBaby dan MummyMurah

My passion is breastfeeding and parenting. So, I am more focusing towards these two elements. Just drop by and don't forget to invite your friends as well. :)

Thanks all for your help.