Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Beginning of year 2016 : Gratitude

Hi all,

Had been quiet this past few months. Well same all, same all..

Just wanna my gratitude to God, for giving me such a wonderful life, wonderful work, wonderful family and a loving husband.

Its been hard to most countries in the world now, with political issues, bankruptcy, economic crisis, war etc. (u get the picture).

Seeing all this from my point of view, makes me think that I am blessed to have a job that could give me and family food at the table at the end of the day, at least we can do family activities every week, I have a wonderful hubby that really gives me support (emotionally, etc) with my crisis with breastfeeding issues, work issues (yeah, I do have issues at work), issues at home (nothing much, but a little gesture makes the world a wonderful place, right?) yadda, yadda...

Yes! I do have regrets with my life before, but, could you turn back time and go back and restart again? No! So, yes, I am grateful with my life now! the present !

You could not know what will happen the next day or next hour. But, we should be grateful with what we have. Not still imaging that you could get a nice red Ferarri , or a nice vellfire to ride on *wink,wink* although it would be nice though to have one*grinning*

It would be nice to have a great big mansion, with 200 rooms, that you can each have your own rooms, and a nice pool, a nice garden, and a theatre room that could accomodate the best high tech equipments with maybe a 100 inch screen *whew*

Yeah, imagening things is great, but you need to believe in yourself to be able to grab all of it.

That's why I need to be grateful, coz after much thinking, I don't need a ferrari , heck Malaysian law says you could not exceed 110km per hour on highway, at the city less than 80kmph. A great big mansion?? yeah you have to live outside of the city which is further from hospitals, or cinema, or great big shopping complex (why would I do THAT!).

You need to look down and look at other less fortunate people that are homeless, that feeds their children food from garbage, kids with no parents *sad face*.

Yes, I am grateful of my life now.

Note : This blog is functioning as part of my diary. So if any of you do not like what I write, you can just move on and read other peoples blog.Thank you :)

Friday, August 28, 2015

Short term planning

Some people do not the see their future ahead thus , did not expect to save for their future. But, I learned the hard way that we need to save in order to survive and be able to live better in the future. 
in this post i would love to just write down my short term planning, hoping that i will be able to achieve them soon.

My short term goals:

1. Is to have  a nice single storey terrace in Shah Alam area nearby to my office as well as easier to go to and fro to my mum's house as well as my in laws. (to add assets)

2. To go for umrah / hajj which ever is easier and with enough financial to go.

3. To have a business from home. Working from home. Expecting to able to do it starting from May 2018. So I'll have another 3 years to go. hmmmm....

4. To be able to break free from debts. Maybe another 5 years (hmmm... am I TOO optimistic? )

5. To be able to finish unpacking my new home now! Maybe by Ocotber 2015?!

That's all that I could write and remember. May I'll put in more later. Pray for me guys, hoping that I'll be able to accomplish all.


Its been a while

Hi there

Its been a while that I haven't had the chance to update this blog. Well , family comes first. Nothing much just the usual same ol. Need baby's or mummy's items you can drop by Barang bb and Mummy Murah, new parents trying to find the best stroller or needing a two seater stroller, just drop by Kedai Stroller Branded and Murah.

Hope to see you there.

If you need anything just PM me.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My attempt to do online business

To my fellow friends and followers,

I have made an attempt to focus on online business coz I am basically am tired and sick off instructions from bosses that would ask me to do a lot of things which is not under my job description, just because I am quite efficient in what I do and am able to get the right information for the things that they would want me to find out!

Not trying of blaming others, but, seriously am motivated in working at home to look after my kids and coming little one. Yep, another baby coming, so another mouth to feed. :)

So for those of you that would like to help me.. in my online biz just come over to my blog and facebook (not trying to be sympathetic here). I haven't been updating a lot, coz quite busy with hectic work schedule and also looking after my two adorable active kids.

Just feel free to visit this blog :

Sihat Booster

or you can simply go to my facebook fan page SihatBooster  or BarangBaby dan MummyMurah

I am focusing on supplements for SihatBooster while focusing more towards babies/ kids items and in BarangBaby dan MummyMurah

My passion is breastfeeding and parenting. So, I am more focusing towards these two elements. Just drop by and don't forget to invite your friends as well. :)

Thanks all for your help.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Work At Home (From Home) Mom

My current need is to be a work at home mom...with another baby coming soon need to really think of a way to be one..

My current job would not let me be a WAHM and this is what makes me upset...Plus still need to think about the current economy situation...bla,bla...

Could anyone suggest the best way to work from home... without a lot of capital involve??? OR does anyone knows a company that would accept mothers working from home...

With the current situation and environment, gets me thinking of a more safer way for my kids to be with me... the child trafficking, abduction in the daylight!!! HUH...this gets me to think of resigning and REALLY find a work from home (to stabilize our economic situation).... :-(

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Not trying to be patriotic but simply a concerned citizen

I am a Malaysian citizen...

I had been reading quite sometime of the issues that had been brought into light currently which is the MH370 as well as about racism in Malaysia...

Let me tell you of my own experience living in Malaysia...

I have been living in Malaysia for the last 33 years, and had been brought up in Kuala Lumpur most of the time... living in Malaysia is not easy, and is the same to many other countries (Am I right, right!!) Although we have quite a range of culture and races, we can live in harmony and peacefully...

I heard that some of our Malaysian citizens that had been living in overseas did tell some of you that we are racist towards them , but the truth is we are NOT... Each Malaysian are given their rights to vote, to speak out and to do whatever they wanted to do(but, according to the laws and regulations)...

I am mixed, between Malay and Chinese...but, I stand tall and proud to be MALAYSIAN...Anywhere that I had the chance to go, I will still think of Malaysia. I LOVE the beautiful weather, I LOVE the languages that we have here, I LOVE the ethnicity that we have here, I LOVE the mixed races that we have here, I LOVE the variety of FOOD that we have here, I LOVE the variety of CULTURE that we have...

Where can you find a country that could still live peacefully able to stand out and speak,without WAR, sufferings...

For those that may have not been INTO Malaysia, please do not just hear what others SAY about Malaysia and acknowledge of it...COME to Malaysia, experience and see the cultures, languages, weather here...You'll be amazed with what we have to offer. Please...DON'T JUDGE A BOOK JUST BY ITS COVER...In this case don't judge until you experience it for yourself.

If you want someone to help be your tourist guide , I am glad to help...

With regards to MH370, please do not judge us...We are trying hard to find the plane, put YOURSELF into our shoe...You can't fight mother nature, you can't fight the future...We are praying hard for the lives of the crew and passengers...just pray with us...

For the government of Malaysia, I support you for doing the right thing...I LOVE MALAYSIA....

Concerned citizen...