Friday, January 13, 2012

7 months old Harriz


I have finally achieved my short term goal, which is to breastfeed Harriz until he is 6 months old. He is now 7 months old and I am still breastfeeding him. My long term would be until he is 2 years old. He has already started to eat, and loves to eat. but, he still likes his mommy's milk :)... His progress is going very well. He now wants to crawl, and would push himself up with his hands in a 'get set' gear and would start to crawl a bit and then he would fall ( on a mat ).But, so far his progress is as what everyone would say is okay and I think that weight gain is also a good sign.

He likes to play with Kamila and he'll laugh at her jokes. I am glad that I have a wonderful husband that understands my feeling to be able to breastfeed Harriz fully, where his elder's sister (Kamila) did not had that chance (although breastfeed + formula milk until 10 months old).

I am able to feel proud of myself where I can still go on breastfeeding Harriz when I am still working (although bottle fed with mom's milk). Thank you Dear Sayang for being there when I needed comfort and felt worthless....You have been encouraging me to continue to breastfeed Harriz although there are a lot of obstacles to go through the journey of breastfeeding Harriz.Love you lots.Love you and the kids.