Saturday, December 27, 2008

the day i knew i was pregnant

i don't really know i was pregnant, cause i don't have the morning sickness. i only have a feeling of bloating and a slight nauseous feeling. i found that i was late for a few days. so, i consulted my mother and elder sister. the usual questions asked whether i have counted my menses days correctly, and what do i feel,etc. after some Q&A's, they asked me to do a pregnancy test. i was quite skeptical, as when i did my first test and it was quite frustrating. well, i just go for it after 2 weeks later, and bought the pregnancy test kit at a ,local pharmacy. my husband was nervous and i do too. but,at the same i'm keeping it cool cause, i do not want to feel frustrated. when i finally did the test, i tested positive. and i showed my husband the test kit, he was overjoyed and that night, because of the exciting news he was unable to eat and sleep. i feel excited too and a bit frightened, as i've never been a mother. but, time will make me a good mother. i hope so.


decided to try this blog to express my feelings and also to share some input with others. as a new mother of a 3 months old lovely daughter, i would like to share my own experience from pregnancy to birth.its a new experience which has a lot of mixed feelings joined together.the process of preparation till the birth experience.hope people would get some experience and information from the process of being a mother,at least from my experience.