Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stay in Janda Baik

Hi all!!!

just wanna update new pics. actually, we had gone to Janda Baik quite a while. end of last month..and until now, had i only wanted to update. here are pictures of us on a 2 day 1 night stay in Janda Baik.

we had stayed in huts,that had kind of 'kampung' feeling. so enjoy the pics ya!!!

1st day picnic at the verandah

picnic at verandah

still picnic 1st day

kamila with her 'mak long'

me gving kamila 'sukun' heheeeee..hungry after a playful bath

'kak long' with family

kamila likes to do funny face

splashing the water

kamila and me

more of kamila

me and kamila

1st night stay, kamila with nenek

hubby with 'pak uda' in charge of the BBQ session that night

'pak uda' cooking the patin fish

2nd day morning breakfast time....

a morning session talk with the family

2nd day swim

kamila with nenek

kamila after taking her bath and ready to go home

one big family picture...taken by yours truly hubby....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kamila doing her thing with nenek in shah alam

hi all!!!

here's a video clip of kamila playing with her nenek and you can also hear the background of baba laughing at her new trick. this was taken quiet a while when kamila's 9 months old. but, it was fun looking at her video. still do not know how to rotate the clip for better view (could someone help,pleeeeeeeeeeeaseeee.....).so, enjoy the show!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

family trip to genting highland

these are piccas of our family day trip to genting before we went to janda baik, for family outing. we had a great time there. the weather was cold, and kamila could stand the weather. only mama is wearing a sweater. so, enjoy the piccas (sorry ah, very lazy to put all of the pics into chronological order). so, enjoy!!!

while at the park

at the park

more at the park

kamila in the park

what can i say??? more in the park :)

more in the park

lovely kamila

love kamila

kamila and mama looking at baba

kamila with baba at the entrance of outdoor park

kamila showing off her teeth

kamila smiling

one happy family

kamila and mama in front of caterpillar

measuring kamila's height

kamila in her stroller

Friday, July 17, 2009

Welcome to my humble shop!!

hey all!!!

just wanna officially open my e-shop, to sell away new and used items. well mostly are my baby's things that are used or new, which she can no longer fit. so, feel free to drop by my e shop at Creative solution . see ya there!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kamila's 10 months

today officially, kamila is 10 months old. she would be 10 months at 3.45 pm today.yeay!!!!
updating her progress, she now knows to stand by her own (and lovvvvvvvvvveeess to do that by holding with only one hand), loves to screammmmm, and loves to communicate with us. lovvvvesss to crawl, and loves to cry :). quite an active person, likes to clap her hands when we sing songs, and loves to laugh when people is singing and making funny faces. sigh!!, just love my lovely baby. she's growing so fast. well, i think that's all to update. will include more. (if i can remember any :)). ooohhh, yeah, another thing this morning baba got a present from kamila, she pee on baba's pants....hahahaaaaaaa....

Kamila sleeping in car

Hey all!!!,

here's the latest update in my blog. here's some piccas of kamila while riding in the car on the way to see a child specialist in Jalan Klang Lama. while on the way, i was trying to give her dinner meal. (trying to kill two birds in one stone...heheee, takut jamlaaaa...hari weekdays) so, along the journey, kamila was quite moody, and while i was talking and looking away from her, this is the outcome!!!, enjoy!!!

hmmmm... this is a picture of kamila , just love to hold mama's handphone.

love u my baby!!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Kamila pictures in Rawang and Gombak

Here's some pictures at home, with Kamila playing with PSP. So focused on the PSP :)

Hmmmm...what to do next...

uhhhh...bored with this game...

why is baba kept on taking my pictures!!!???

Here's some piccas from my father's house in Rawang,Selangor during a kenduri doa selamat for my late grandfather. this is in the morning before the kenduri starts which is after zohor.

Kamila loves to hold baba's camera lense

cutie kamila and her hand

kamila showing off her hand

kamila kissing her auntie's hand (nana)

kamila mumbling

kamila clapping her hands

kamila clapping her hands while showing off to her auntie