Friday, August 28, 2015

Short term planning

Some people do not the see their future ahead thus , did not expect to save for their future. But, I learned the hard way that we need to save in order to survive and be able to live better in the future. 
in this post i would love to just write down my short term planning, hoping that i will be able to achieve them soon.

My short term goals:

1. Is to have  a nice single storey terrace in Shah Alam area nearby to my office as well as easier to go to and fro to my mum's house as well as my in laws. (to add assets)

2. To go for umrah / hajj which ever is easier and with enough financial to go.

3. To have a business from home. Working from home. Expecting to able to do it starting from May 2018. So I'll have another 3 years to go. hmmmm....

4. To be able to break free from debts. Maybe another 5 years (hmmm... am I TOO optimistic? )

5. To be able to finish unpacking my new home now! Maybe by Ocotber 2015?!

That's all that I could write and remember. May I'll put in more later. Pray for me guys, hoping that I'll be able to accomplish all.


Its been a while

Hi there

Its been a while that I haven't had the chance to update this blog. Well , family comes first. Nothing much just the usual same ol. Need baby's or mummy's items you can drop by Barang bb and Mummy Murah, new parents trying to find the best stroller or needing a two seater stroller, just drop by Kedai Stroller Branded and Murah.

Hope to see you there.

If you need anything just PM me.