Thursday, March 24, 2011

Managers SHOULD Manage

Hi all,

Today's post is for letting out my steam from my boss. I strictly think that managers should manage and not academicians manage. Why? because we managers know what the procedures that we need to follow and how to do about it.

Academicians knows what they do best, teaching and research. Managers would try to accomodate what the academicians want and try to solve matters, but academician just know how to delegate and just inform what they want and not see the consequences of the wants. They don't even want to know what the procedure that needs to be followed and just assume that all can be done in an instant.

I would love to have a boss that would like to hear suggestions even from the staffs that are way below ranking. Currently, even what I have explained would not be given any thought as the BOSS would just assume that the procedures and regulations are being made by human and can be accessed in any way.

Huh....then what for we have terms and regulations during our services here. Come on... this is an organization with more than 20,000 staffs and we have to come out with procedures, regulations, guidelines everything in order to be able to maintain a big organization.

Dear Boss,

If you want us to not follow the regulations please be the higher authority that is the BIG BOSS of this organization then ask us to just cut through the regulations. Even the BIG BOSS is following the regulations why shouldn't we.

Oh, and another, yes I am always in front of the computer going up and down, sometimes to and fro outstation, but, I am doing the best that I can. I am doing my job, and not just  mingle around with people doing nothing unlike others. Please appreciate the staffs that you have. How can you assume that people do not do their job. It is you that is so hard to be found in the office and so hard to giveway to your subordinates.

Please respect your subordinates even though they are just cleaners but, they are human beings. You cannot expect that everyone else can do the job fast and the same day can pass to you the job. Please think of the hardship to get the information and details required. People do make mistake and they are NOT perfect. Even if you try hard enough, people won't be perfect, as that is what god had created.

Arrrgggghhhhh......Please understand that not all people could become like you a "BIONIC" woman....:P