Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Breastfeeding journey

Hi all,

So far my breastfeeding journey still continues and i hope to go on strong. Harriz is already 5 months and a half. He is already 6.9kg. I am not sure to all, but his weight for me is considered as okay, as he is fully breastfed. Some breastfed babies do get bigger, but my baby still looks small. I am not sure where the kilos has gone to, maybe it is for his muscle and bones structure.

His progress so far, is that he can now push himself from lying position to lie on his stomach instantly. He now wants to move forward. He sometimes will be at a different station if he just roll himself from one station to another. From point A to point B. He knows his name when being called out. And remembers people. If he wants you to take him from another person he can just put out his hand to you.

He'll laugh at your(not so funny) jokes :P. Basically he is a healthy and bright child. Not to exaggerate, but I find that he is brighter than his older sister at his age. Maybe it's because of the breast milk that he gets everyday that his sister did not (because of mom's lack of knowledge). This made me feel sometimes guilty of not able to breast feed Kamila (Harriz's elder sister) exclusively like him.

My current target is to breast feed Harriz until 6 months old. And will try to continue until he is 2 years old.
I hope I can.